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Six Flags Eyes Local County For Next Big ‘Entertainment Venue’

You are currently viewing Six Flags Eyes Local County For Next Big ‘Entertainment Venue’
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Six Flags developers associated with the theme park company have been scouting several locations in a local county in a Western state. This is for an “entertainment venue” and other associated businesses such as hotels and retail. For decades, in fact, the state has been lacking a major theme park. Or another large entertainment destination. There have been previous attempts to entice a developer. That is to build one between another local city and a Northern city that has failed.

Renewed Push for New Theme Park

Moreover, there has been a renewed push by Six Flags in current years. That is to bring hope for a theme park in the county. From, in fact, speculation to becoming more of a sure thing. While still being largely vague about the issue, especially pertaining to identifying Six Flags as the interested party, yet many Fresno lawmakers have said that a theme park is becoming more a likely option.

Six Flags Will Include an Indoor Water Park, Hotels and Retail

“Moreover, it’s a major theme park that’s very familiar with the state of California,” said Fresno City Council President Luis Chavez. Chavez said this in a recent statement. “It will be an indoor water park, hotels, retail. In fact, there were conversations of outlets also being around the area, too,” says Chavez. “Though, what I can tell you, is that they want that proximity to highway 99, 41, 168. In fact, the City of Fresno has that, along with the infrastructure needs. Therefore, we know that we do have the sewer, as well having the water, and in addition, the long-term sustainability to really support an operation like that in the future.”

“In fact, we have met with developers at least probably six times presently. They were very fruitful conversations, in fact, there have already been some offers on the table. There are a lot of the conditions to make this project happen.”

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